Its more than 20 years we don’t see each other. Last time I saw her in a white gown with a lovely smile in her face. I was just staring her and dreamt how nice it would be if I was her man with that black suit. No, I never proposed her neither the feelings came before that day though we were classmates since the high school days. But that the day I was literally repent myself and that night I experienced something different which was never happened to me. Yes, I sobbed like a child. It took few days to become normal. But she quietly placed herself very deep somewhere in my heart. Since I never contact her neither she did.

Everything is happening now absolutely fine until a mail from her. Yes she did a mail today and requested me to be there in City Cafe at 5 pm. What is going on? After 20 years why she want to meet. A lot of things are going in my head. It is only 11 am. How slow the clock is. Should I go there now and wait for her or reply to her that I will not coming. May be she asked every classmates for a surprise get together. Its very hard to come in a conclusion. It is 3pm now, I can’t wait anymore. Left my office early and reached City Cafe in just 15 minutes. The clock become more slower.

She may be look now healthy aged with wrinkled face but why I am thinking that she will come wearing that white gown. How stupid I am. Waiting and watching the entrance of the cafe. But where is she?

Oh! Its 5:10 pm. No, I think she is not coming. I should leave the place. Just asking for the bill a lady with white skirt and a black hat come and say “sorry for waiting you”. I can’t say anything but watching her. Not that healthy and wrinkled as I was thinking. But she was changed. Her voice become heavy. ” This letter is for you” She said. Surprisingly took it and open it.

-“Should I read it here?”

-“Its your choice”, she said.

Slowly I started to read.

” Hello, Mr. I think you are fine. I don’t know why I am writing this letter and don’t even know you read it or not. Since the first day of high school I was in love with you. Yes, I love you. But I never felt anything from you for me. I tried few times to say everything but I can’t. Slowly I learnt to agree that you don’t love me and it is quite normal. You may love someone. I loved you and still love you. That’s it.”

It was hard to believe what I read.

-” why don’t you tell me that you loved me. I know I didn’t express anything never but I was also loved you the day when you married someone wearing the beautiful white gown. I cried that night for you “.

She smiled and say” I got this letter from her handbag. I am her twin sister. She died a month ago. I think this letter should reach at you. I have to go now. Thank you. ” She depart.

Again the white color left me silent and tearful. But this time a white paper stays here.

Author: stringsstory


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