-“Hi, if you don’t mind, can I get your window seat?”

-“Oh! Sure”. It was very hard for Steve to refuse that voice of a beautiful young lady.

-“Thank you. Actually this flight journey is quite boring except the blue sky through these glasses.” She smiled.

-“Yes. This blue can heal the wound of loneliness.” Steve, the 60 years old man, can’t blink his eyes as he got lost in the beauty of the curly hair, the black long eyelashes and the voice which he heard.

-“Sorry. Anything wrong with you?”

-“No. Nothing. Myself Steve.”

-“Freja. Nice to meet you.”

The flight finally took-off to the blue.

Freja was humming some songs that was very low in sound but enough to reach Steve.

-“Beautiful voice you have. Are you a singer?”

Freja stop humming and said timidly ” Actually I am from ‘ The State Music School’. I play guitar.”

-“Thats nice. Your singing is also good.”

-“Thank you. I think you are also very interested in music.” Freja smiled.

-“How do you know?” Steve stared surprisingly.

-“You are reading a very old musical magazine.”

-” Ha! Ha! You are right Freja. But I cant sing like you even playing guitar.”

Freja and Steve then enjoyed each other companion as they both talk about a lot of musical conversations.

Its about ten minutes left for the flight to land. Suddenly Steve told that ” You know Freja I also love the blue through that window. But your voice, your face healed my loneliness of years.” From then, not a single word they spoke. At the time of departure they both look at each other for few seconds.

Steve broke the silence and told “may we captured a photo of us for this lovely moment and for this beautiful journey?”

Freja nod her head. Steve took his phone and captured. Freja suddenly hugged him and said “today is my birthday. Won’t you wish me?”

Hugged her tightly and said ” oh! my princess. Wish you a very happy and musical birthday.” Steve opened his handbag and took that magazine.

-” Dear, I have nothing but this to gift you. Take this as your birthday gift.”

Freja took it and said “Thank you.”

They stood for a while and silently departed.

Till midnight the birthday party was on and after that Freja became tired and went to her mother, Mirjana, and kept her head onto the lap of Mirjana.

-“Mom, will you sing for me now?”

-“Oh my child its too late now. You should sleep now.”

-“Please. A song that you love most.”

Mirjana took few seconds and slowly began the song.

Everyday, everyday I have the blues
Everyday, everyday I have the blues
When you see me worried baby
Because it’s you I hate to lose…”

After couple of days Freja was returning to her music school. That day she didn’t get the window seat neither she request anyone. After a few minutes she took that magazine Steve gifted and started to read. It was a local magazine of almost 35 years ago.

Freja found a page marker and opened that particular page. She started to read. It was a short story about a “Blues Music competition” . There was an image of winners named Steve and Mirjana and the song was..

Everyday, everyday I have the blues
Everyday, everyday I have the blues
When you see me worried baby
Because it’s you I hate to lose
Oh nobody loves me, nobody seems to care
Yes nobody loves me, nobody seems to care
Speaking of bad luck and trouble
Well you know I had my share
I’m gonna pack my suitcase, move on down the line
Yes I’m gonna pack my suitcase, move on down the line
Where there ain’t nobody worried
And there ain’t nobody crying

Freja humming….


Everyday I have the blues” by B. B. KING.



Emily, a beautiful young lady, has a small bookstore in the town. She loves to read story books and that’s the reason of owning a bookstore as profession to follow her passion. She used to read every kind of story books but now a days she is almost in love with the story of the author named Oliver Doyle.

Emily couldn’t make time for reading today as it was quite busy day. Still almost an hour to go to close the store. It has been a long period that no new collection of  Oliver Doyle is published. So, Emily take an old book of Oliver as and started to read. Few minutes later a man come and said ” Hi, I need some help madam”.

Emily don’t response as she is lost in that story she was reading.

The young man asked again louder. This time Emily got the sound and said “Yes. How can I help you?”

– “Actually I am looking for a story book for gift to someone”.

Emily forget her tiredness and ask the man ” What kind of story you are looking for? ”

-“I have no idea. Please suggest something.”

-” Okay. Wait.”

Emily came with a book of Oliver Doyle. She gave it to him and asked his name to be billed.

He said “Lucas. Thank you madam for your assistance.”

He gave money and departed.

Next day in the morning Lucas come again to Emily for thanking her for last night and asked for another story book. Emily curiously asked “is it gift for someone? “. Lucas smiled and said “no, it’s for me. From last night I got some interest in story and what could be the best place to buy story books than this store named ‘Storyteller’. Both of them smiled and again Lucas bought a book of Oliver suggested by Emily. Lucas then daily used to come to store and spent times with Emily and when he asked to a new book Emily gave books of Oliver. Both, Emily and Lucas, are enjoying each others companion.

One day Lucas asked for new book of Oliver as he completed last one. Emily had no choice because Lucas already read all of Oliver’s book. But she didn’t want to say this. If Emily gives him the book of some other authors and  Lucas don’t like it then he may stop coming here. She can’t understand what she must say.

-“Hello madam I want another Oliver’s book.”

-” I have no more Oliver’s book in store right now. Whenever it comes I will inform you. But I know some few more stories of Oliver. If you are interested then I can tell you those stories.” Emily told it smartly as she know if Lucas agreed with the proposal he may continue to come to her.

-” It’s a great idea”, said Lucas.

-” But not today. I will narrate one story per day from tomorrow.”

That night Emily couldn’t sleep. Why she did this? Why she lied to Lucas that she knows few more stories? She had no other story to say. Was she in love with him that she will miss if Lucas not come to her store? Then what she will do from next day that she already gave words to Lucas that she will told one story per day. She has no answer.

Next morning Lucas come and asked for story. Emily was paused few seconds and started to narrate a story. Emily took a deep breath after completing the story. Lucas was very pleased and happy after listening it. Every night Emily made a story and narrate to Lucas next morning. But Emily is very fluent and confident now.

After few weeks one day Emily couldn’t make a story for Lucas. She was thinking and thinking but couldn’t make it. When Lucas come to her and asked for a story she didn’t delivered. Emily’s eye was full of tears. She told him all the truth but Lucas had no words.

-“This is my contact no. If Oliver’s story comes inform me. Thanks for your stories.”

Lucas went away from there but Emily was crying.

Emily missed him every moment from that day. She don’t read any story books now. She keep herself busy in the store by selling books and every night she cry alone.

After a few months the new book of Oliver Doyle published and come to the store. Getting the news of releasing new books of Oliver, Emily calls Lucas to inform but an automated answering machine asked her to leave voice message. Emily left the message.

Emily eagerly waited for him the long day. Emily still waiting for him that the new book of Oliver they will read together. But where is Lucas?

Emily said herself that Lucas will not come. Suddenly a tired voice asked “I want Emily’s stories”.

-“Lucas I knew you will come”. Emily turn around and said.

-“Emily’s stories please”, Lucas said.

-“You don’t need to listen my stories. Oliver’s new book has been arrived.” Emily took a new book of Oliver and stunned to see the cover page of the book. It is named as “Emily’s Stories” collected and recreated by Oliver Doyle.


Its more than 20 years we don’t see each other. Last time I saw her in a white gown with a lovely smile in her face. I was just staring her and dreamt how nice it would be if I was her man with that black suit. No, I never proposed her neither the feelings came before that day though we were classmates since the high school days. But that the day I was literally repent myself and that night I experienced something different which was never happened to me. Yes, I sobbed like a child. It took few days to become normal. But she quietly placed herself very deep somewhere in my heart. Since I never contact her neither she did.

Everything is happening now absolutely fine until a mail from her. Yes she did a mail today and requested me to be there in City Cafe at 5 pm. What is going on? After 20 years why she want to meet. A lot of things are going in my head. It is only 11 am. How slow the clock is. Should I go there now and wait for her or reply to her that I will not coming. May be she asked every classmates for a surprise get together. Its very hard to come in a conclusion. It is 3pm now, I can’t wait anymore. Left my office early and reached City Cafe in just 15 minutes. The clock become more slower.

She may be look now healthy aged with wrinkled face but why I am thinking that she will come wearing that white gown. How stupid I am. Waiting and watching the entrance of the cafe. But where is she?

Oh! Its 5:10 pm. No, I think she is not coming. I should leave the place. Just asking for the bill a lady with white skirt and a black hat come and say “sorry for waiting you”. I can’t say anything but watching her. Not that healthy and wrinkled as I was thinking. But she was changed. Her voice become heavy. ” This letter is for you” She said. Surprisingly took it and open it.

-“Should I read it here?”

-“Its your choice”, she said.

Slowly I started to read.

” Hello, Mr. I think you are fine. I don’t know why I am writing this letter and don’t even know you read it or not. Since the first day of high school I was in love with you. Yes, I love you. But I never felt anything from you for me. I tried few times to say everything but I can’t. Slowly I learnt to agree that you don’t love me and it is quite normal. You may love someone. I loved you and still love you. That’s it.”

It was hard to believe what I read.

-” why don’t you tell me that you loved me. I know I didn’t express anything never but I was also loved you the day when you married someone wearing the beautiful white gown. I cried that night for you “.

She smiled and say” I got this letter from her handbag. I am her twin sister. She died a month ago. I think this letter should reach at you. I have to go now. Thank you. ” She depart.

Again the white color left me silent and tearful. But this time a white paper stays here.